A spontaneous response to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. A series of positive, productive and provocative activities to debate the future after coronavirus. Serious topics, but no stuffy conversations. A space for discussion between activist groups, architectural or climate focused, the built environment community and the public. Open design calls, Architects Assemblies, online walking tours, activism and virtual direct action! We will be setting homework, but like the fun tasks from when you were little. No pressure and no grades.


From the 4th of May until lockdown ends. We have a mixture of longer open calls and short activities and discussions to come. A rolling, spontaneous programme responding to the liminal time we live in.


We're exploring activism and direct action in the virtual world. While this is a Festival of Architecture, it’s not just for Architects. Anyone can get involved, from anywhere. Our full programme is on this website. Find us on social media here: Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. We only use Zoom as a last resort!


Change is coming, let's shape it. Now is the time to prepare, make connections, debate, create and keep eachother motivated. Let's be #alonetogether

We’re fundraising for Helpful Engineering throughout Lockdown, to support their design, production and distribution of open source PPE.


This Festival was organised by Peter Brooks (Architecture In Protest) with Nick Newman (Studio Bark), Scott McAuley (Anthropocene Architecture School) and Andrew Darnton (XR and expert in social change and behavioural theory). This would not be possible without the generous help from members of XR and ACAN.

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement calling for immediate action to avert the climate and ecological emergency. Through non-violent direct action, they have pushed governments, businesses and institutions to tell the truth and recognise the crisis we face. “In 2019 we demanded change, in 2020 we begin building the alternative”.

Architects’ Climate Action Network (ACAN) recognise that our industry is responsible for “42% of national emissions” and are campaigning to change that. Through lobbying, direct action, public engagement and knowledge sharing, ACAN want to quite literally build the alternative. ACAN demand decarbonization now, ecological regeneration and a cultural transformation.

“The Anthropocene Architecture School is a decentralised school of architecture, activism and climate literacy initiated in response to architecture’s nonresponse to the Special Report on 1.5 Degrees back in 2018. As the architectural education delivered to students and practitioners before them is not fit for purpose in today’s context of Climate Breakdown, it educates and upskills out-with the modern education system like the house truly is on fire.” Scott McAuley, founder. The lockdown has moved AAS activities online and expanded its reach:

Architecture in Protest launched the Lockdown Festival of Architecture. Through education, connection and direct action, we call on students and Architects to use their skills for activism. Architecture in Protest create links between activists and Architects to see what change might happen. For ‘spicy’ actions:



You can find our press pack online here: