Architects Climate Action Network

Architects’ Climate Action Network (ACAN) recognise that our industry is responsible for “42% of national emissions” and are campaigning to change that. Through lobbying, direct action, public engagement and knowledge sharing, ACAN want to quite literally build the alternative. ACAN demand decarbonization now, ecological regeneration and a cultural transformation.

ACAN Assembly:
No More Business As Usual 20th May
acan 20th may architects assembly

These past months have given us time to reflect on our response systems and our ability to adapt in an emergency. We have been reminded of the fragility of our National Health Service and our supply chains. Deep inequalities have been further exposed yet we have been united in vulnerability and community. We have witnessed that governments and nations are capable of profound and rapid change when confronted by crisis.

Though experts had forewarned of such an event, we were still caught off guard and ill prepared. We cannot not let this happen again. It is time to apply emergency measures to an even greater threat: the complete collapse of our planetary systems.

Business as usual sees us returning to a degenerative work culture: one that is destructive and exploitative in its quest for continuous growth. In order to avoid further disaster we fundamentally cannot go back.

As the government makes proposals for returning to work it is essential we play our part in how this happens. Given the construction industry’s significant role in recovery, we must work together to ensure that all future developments are designed with resilience and ambitious climate targets in mind.

Let's use this meeting as a chance to reach out and open up debate, to strategise how we can all redress our practices as we begin to create the alliances and tools required to break the status quo.

Ideas from this assembly and from our survey below will help inform an ACAN transition toolkit to help us all return to work. We really want input from across the industry so please share with friends and colleagues and get it out there!

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This assembly will take place over Zoom. Please make sure you register on Eventbrite to be sent a joining link closer to the date.


Gunter Pauli - Economist and Entreprenuer, dedicated to the development of business models that protect health and the environment and support local economies and employement.

Renata Tyszczuk - Academic and Artist, whose work explores the dynamic, and contradictory relationship between architecture and the global environmental crisis.

Michael Pawlyn - Architect and Theorist, with a focus on systems-thinking he has built a reputation as a thought leader in regenerative design and the circular economy.

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Collaboration Across Disciplines 6th May
acan 6th may open meeting

Following our first online open meeting, Collaboration Across Borders, featuring over 200 attendees from 15 countries, ACAN return for our second online event.

We're committed as ever to empowering individuals, so these events aren't passive lectures, and participation is strongly encouraged through breakout rooms and live chat.

To tackle climate change at an industry level are professional silos a help or a hindrance? Do we need greater interdisciplinarity or simply greater collaboration across multidisciplinary teams of specialists? Do we need more generalists or specialists, or some combination of all of the above? This meeting will seek to explore some of this.

Questions will consider the conventional boundaries of architecture as a discipline and how these are defended in academia and practice. We will consider how these boundaries could be holding us back and how to overcome the trappings of over-identification with our particular role, skillset and the values system which drives that. On a practical level we will ask what needs to be done now, what kind of educational changes and new relationships we need to be fostering in our working lives and as a network (ACAN) and broader movement.

The meeting will be held over Zoom and feature presentations from 3 speakers. Following the presentations will be a Q&A session.
Speakers include:
Julie Godefroy, Sustainability Consultant, Technical Manager at CIBSE and member of The Edge . She has been involved in projects from early stages through to post-occupancy evaluation, as well as policy work.
Carlotta Conte, Dark Matter Labs - Dark Matter Labs is a multidisciplinary design team working with to develop new working methods for system change.
Jonathan Atkinson, Carbon Coop - one of the co-founder of Carbon Coop, an energy services and advocacy co-operative that helps people and communities to make the radical reductions in home carbon emissions necessary to avoid runaway climate change.

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Collaboration Across Borders (Past)

As the world is gripped by a global pandemic, ACAN is moving its organising to the digital sphere. Many of us are now living under lock-down. However hosting our first ever online meeting frees us from the usual geographic constraints. This makes it possible for anyone to attend from around the country or indeed across the globe!

We hope you can join us for this open meeting including inspiring speakers and a webinar discussion. Collectively we will seek to tackle the question of how we can reach-out beyond borders to address the climate and ecological crisis.

Speakers including:
Sofie Pelsmakers, researcher and author of the Environmental Design Pocket Book
Scott McAulay, founder Anthropocene Architecture School
Fionn Stevenson, Professor of Sustainable Design at Sheffield University
Indriany Lionggo & Honorine van Den Broek d'Obrenan from C40 Cities