Anthropocene Architecture School

“The Anthropocene Architecture School is a decentralised school of architecture, activism and climate literacy initiated in response to architecture’s nonresponse to the Special Report on 1.5 Degrees back in 2018. As the architectural education delivered to students and practitioners before them is not fit for purpose in today’s context of Climate Breakdown, it educates and upskills out-with the modern education system like the house truly is on fire.” Scott McAuley, founder.

Collaboration Across Borders (Past)

Scott McAulay spoke to ACAN about his work with Anthropocene Architecture School at their first ever online, international meeting!

As the world is gripped by a global pandemic, ACAN is moving its organising to the digital sphere. Many of us are now living under lock-down. However hosting our first ever online meeting frees us from the usual geographic constraints.

Speakers including:
Sofie Pelsmakers, researcher and author of the Environmental Design Pocket Book
Scott McAulay, founder Anthropocene Architecture School
Fionn Stevenson, Professor of Sustainable Design at Sheffield University
Indriany Lionggo & Honorine van Den Broek d'Obrenan from C40 Cities